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EDRMS Data Migration- Loading your system

The success of an EDRMS system is a clear and comprehensible taxonomy which you are asking your users to adhere to when they create documents and store them within the Document handling system. AIIM (vendor neutral) have stated that only 6% of people who installed SharePoint were happy with it at the end of its installation.

Two essential outcomes have to be completed before a data system stands any chance of success. First the schema which you are setting up for the document system has to be relevant to the industry and has to cater for the vast majority of instances of a documents concepts and content and second, the majority of the historic data has to be within the EDRMS or alternate filing and staorage systems remain current.

DataCube Services can help you achieve both of these outcomes.

We have discussed how DataCube can take unstructured data and by using its conceptual search techniques, sort all the documents into a schema, either by using the DataCube Supervised Categorisation Service or the Unsupervised Categorisation Service (Dynamic Clustering) techniques. 

This Service capability then provides for the sorting of the documents into the agreed categories and from there can be migrated into the particular category within the EDRMS. This technique, is both reliable and most importantly, repeatable to give consistent results and an accurately position data set within the system. 

Whilst DataCube works to provide a categorisation system for unstructured data, it can also check the contents of document management systems such as SharePoint and confirm that the data has been correctly placed into the EDRMS. DataCube can analyse the metadata of the document as well as the content and can provide reports and checks that the two are accurate within the defined taxonomy. 

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