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Training and Culture Change Programme Module

Training and Culture Change Programme Module

The online training programme (‘Understanding the need for Enforcement and how to use it’) will ensure that all staff are aware of the need for labelling, how to use the software to label all emails and documents and provide guidelines for what level of protective marker to use. DataCube will provide a portal service for this and provide a licensed package. 

The course consists of blended videos, collateral and quizzes which take the individual through the subject matter reinforcing the learning as they progress. By completing and passing the test at the end of the course, they confirm that they understand the concepts and the application of the Information governance policy (and the Label Enforcement Systems).

The ‘Understanding the need for Enforcement and how to use it,’ education programme is supplied as an assessed learning pathway consisting of an online e-learning LMS system which incorporates several short video courses- (7 x 15 minute modules). Each module consists of a professionally produced video with accompanying explanatory commentary delivered via a web hosted service and accessed by users at their desks. Each video segment is followed by a short multiple choice test which reinforces and verifies the user’s knowledge. The individual video module quizzes are self-evaluating only and can be re taken as many times as necessary. At the end of the course, there is a short test which is marked by the system, thus ensuring that everybody completes the course. The system can be configured so that failure to complete the accreditation after a certain period of time results in the user being “locked out” of their workstations.  

The online training is based on a learning management system which means that a learner is directed through our course(s) on a learning path. The route through the learning path is determined by the system and only allows learners to continue to the next module if they have completed all of the training before it. 

The course modules are listed below.  It is anticipated the modules would be customised with Customer Livery and, if required, include an introductory video from an appropriate senior officer or councillor.

Why Protecting Data Matters:

  • Passwords
  • Safe Email and Web Use
  • Data Transmission, Backup and Storage
  • Protecting Data from Loss and Theft
  • Mobile Devices and Remote Access
  • How to use the Customers Protective Labelling system
  • Certification  Exam
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