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Installation of the DataCube Appliance Module

Installation of the DataCube Appliance Module

Provision of the hardware, the installation, integration and mobilisation of the appliance into the host network, the collection of the data, the navigation and discovery of the (password) permissions, remote access set up and security testing. 

Data Discovery: identification all of the devices, folders and data files in the network and build the data inventory. The DataCube system undertakes a complete data inventory and positions all the metadata information in its Data inventory. Each document or piece of data has its details, including the metadata, its titles ,the content details, the mathematical expressions pertaining to the conceptual content of the document, the creation, modification dates, the author ,the protective labelling category, the dates and most importantly it tracks where the original document/data is stored recorded within the inventory. In addition, the system runs a MD5# test against all the data which analyses the exact matches of the content of a document, irrespective of its other tags, so if a document has been copied, had its title changes, been assigned a new author, if the content is an exact duplicate it will locate and notify the system.

(In a Windows environment, this is an automated system that is achieved by connecting into the Enterprise Management system. We do not rely on any other structure to identity the data and the system can automatically scan unstructured data in Windows and non-Windows environment to build the inventory)

Data Collection: scan the entire network and harvest the textual data to load extracts of the data into staging areas (representing roughly 10% of the total volume). Extraction of the metadata from the files and record their file paths into the inventory (Data files are not moved or altered and are left at their original location).

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