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Enforcement (Protective Marking – Labelling)

Enforcement (Protective Marking-Labelling)

This module is the implementation of the Protective Marking- Labelling System. Once installed it prevents any document or email being sent, copied, and printed or re stored without the author or user creating a security classification label for the item. 

The module creates a working environment which enforces the labelling of any created or altered document or email. It gives simple user drop down choices, to enable the speedy acceptance of the routine need to security label all documents and email traffic. It can be set up to not only encourage compliance at the user level but to invoke enforcement of an organisation’s rules on handling and release of documents, automatically invoking other technologies such as encryption and rights management.  It labels visibly and using meta-data; it can label different parts of a document at different security levels. It can also be set up to provide many administration facilities, audit capabilities and system document logging capabilities.

The result is increased user awareness of the sensitivity of information, the ability to provide evidence that applicable regulations have been met. It provides the most comprehensive set of labelling plug-ins for key applications in the Microsoft® Office family: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, Project, amongst others. 

The powerful labelling features include:

  • Label Selection
  • Visual Marking
  • Metadata Marking
  • Domain and User Clearance Checking
  • Labelling Helpers
  • Portion Marking
  • Unified Administration
  • Auditing

Content Checking**. This feature is only available with the implementation of the DataCube Appliance and having implemented a full schema definition into the system allowing pre sending conceptual content checks. This can be used to detect content that is inappropriate for a chosen label and advise the user on remediation.

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