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DataCube Products

DataCube’s consultancy packages provide expert assistance specifically targeted at Data Management solutions. The nature of the consultancy requires the provision of resources provided by the DataCube Appliance which is installed within a client’s networks.

The DataCube Appliance is an integrated system of software packages and hardware which is licensed to the client either as a tool set when providing a specific time and effort limited service (usually charged as part of the consultancy fees) or as a licensed appliance which resides within the client’s network paid for on a quarterly licence fee.

Consultancy Modules which need the DataCube Appliance capability are marked with **.

Other Modules do not require the DataCube appliance.

The services provided by The DataCube are:

  • DataCube Appliance,** (quarterly licence and support charges)
  • Installation of the DataCube Appliance Module,** (Consultancy)
  • Categorisation module**.  (Consultancy)
  • Retro-labelling Module,**   (Consultancy)
  • Retention Policy Execution Module. ** (Consultancy)
  • Enforcement (Protective Marking – Labelling Module) (price per user per quarter) (installation and policy implementation consultancy)
  • Training and Culture Change programme Module (price per user- one off charge )
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