SuperUser AccountReengineering Freedom of Information Enquiry Handling

The Freedom of Information Act was introduced at the turn of the Millennium. Fourteen (and a half) years on, it continues to be a costly resource consuming thorn in the side of our local authorities.


SuperUser AccountDon’t Panic- Just Cleanse your data!

Reading through worthy articles concerning ‘Big Data’ frightens a lot of people- not just the technologically illiterate. 


SuperUser AccountHelp for the common Man

Don’t you love the stories concerning monumental misjudgements or fantastical increases in something- Bill Gates’s ‘640k ought to be enough for anybody’ or Decca rejecting the Beatles because ‘Guitar groups are on the way out.’ What about the moon landing? – ‘More memory in a car seat or wing mirror than in the Apollo moon landing.’ And of course the ever reliable Moore’s Law on Price, memory and computing power!


SuperUser AccountThe Truth about Data Breaches

Most people’s parents taught them that honesty was a virtue. Benjamin Franklin is attributed the quotation ‘Honesty is the best Policy.’  Although the use of the word ‘policy’ may make people at Lloyds of London grimace as they pay out on some £2.1billion estimated insurance fraud every year...


SuperUser AccountMan Versus Machine- Hero or Villain?

People of a certain age or with an interest in science and science fiction will remember the cuteness and the horror of the machines when it starts to look and think like a human. K-9, Dr Who’s faithful dog/machine who sacrificed himself for the Doctor. R2D2 and his erstwhile robot mate C3PO argued and bickered....


SuperUser AccountPrevention vs Monitoring

Microsoft’s Rights Management Service technologies have been around since the days of Windows 2003 Server. It essentially helps organizations keep their information secure, both inside and outside of the organization, by protecting documents. In this blog post, we analyse the offering and how it differs from the protective... 


SuperUser AccountCastles in the Air.. Data Security Insider Threat

The art of designing Castles in Medieval times was a skilled and complex task- Many Castles had Towers, Barbican entrances, Moats, fearsome entrances with machicolations....


SuperUser AccountNew Government Protective Marking Scheme- will it affect you?

The old adage, “there’s light at the end of the tunnel,” is nearly always a sign of hope- usually a task nearly done or a difficult time nearly ended. Sadly in today’s world of massive data production and usage, its amusing retort, “let’s hope they are not train headlights coming towards us ,” is more apt.

The light which is bearing down on us is the new HMG Protective Marking scheme, its changes and how that will affect how we go about protecting...


SuperUser AccountFreedom Of Information Requests? Are you mad?

It was a terrible game, scratching, fighting, spitting – and that was just the parents!! How many times have you heard people moaning about, Local Authorities or Government Department, complaining bitterly about their difficulty in getting information, the perceived intransigence and their belief that there is a secrecy policy at work...


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