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About the DataCube

DataCube is the trading name of Apperception Services Ltd (ASL).  ASL was spun out of Apperception in 2012.  Apperception Ltd was founded in 2000 and based in North London, Apperception specialises in developing innovative technology solutions to assist service delivery organisations of all types to be more effective and reach new clients in a range of different ways. 

Our core technology business has to-date been in bespoke development of online applications, including websites, content management systems, eLearning Management Systems and job vacancy systems. Apperception's Technology Services division provides a comprehensive set of services from design through development to implementation and management. As an established applications development and Internet Services Provider with own network operations centres in the UK, the Caribbean and New Zealand, we have the infrastructure and capability to develop, deliver and manage solutions for most organisations wherever they may be.

Since 2005, Apperception has designed, developed and managed CivvyStreet, a major online service that provides learning, work and resettlement services to the UK Armed Forces community and is supported by The Royal British Legion.

This client and others are supplied with a Managed Service from Apperception, where we provide hosting, data management and information security with demanding service levels and security requirements. Our experience and success in this area has enabled us to develop a new, innovative portfolio of data management, information security and interrogation products for large data sets. 

Using a suite of innovative applications and patented process, ASL has set up its DataCube division to apply this approach to the requirements of Local and Central Government organisations as well a number of other major organisations. DataCube has already been demonstrated its capability to a number of major organisations, and is being trialled in several Local Government and MOJ environments.

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