Big Data...turning a liability into an asset.

Big Data...turning a Liability into an Asset

The growth in data storage requirements for public and private sector organisations over the past few years has been of the order of 33-50%. This data must be stored, secured and made available to those authorised to see it. It has, until now, been difficult to realise the true value of this resource. Private companies and public sector bodies may be carefully protecting, but unable to exploit, their most valuable asset.

DataCube provides the means to understand, categorise, protectively label and interrogate huge numbers of uncategorised documents. It uses advanced textual analysis techniques, based on Latent Semantic Indexing, to determine the classification and the sensitivity of a document by examining the words and ideas contained within it. It does this for millions of documents at very high speed, using many of the natural language processing techniques that humans unconsciously use when reading a document.

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Protective Marking

Public sector organisations must comply with Security Policy Framework requiring application of the Government Protective Marking System (GMPS).

Retention Policy

Discovery, marking and the actioning of all data to comply with an organisation's Retention Policy. This module enables all the data to be located, indexed and then categorised into the appropriate categories which align with the Customer's personalised LGCS.

Retention Policy


The process of applying protective marking to documents that have already been created. DataCube uses advanced textual analysis techniques, based on latent semantic indexing, to analyse, compare and label all of the documents using pre-existing examples.

Retro Labelling

Enabling rapid interrogation of an organisation's electronic data and significantly reducing the effort involved in providing high quality responses.

All government and public sector organisations must comply with Her majesty’s Government Framework Security Policy Framework which requires the application of the Government Protective Marking System...

Read what the industry is saying about document handling and security in our white paper section. The DataCube from Apperception is an exciting and innovative solution...

How do you handle the creation of taxonomies, how do you reconcile half built ERDMS systems, how do you make sense of your data when dealing with millions of old documents you have no idea who owns them.

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